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Let's Poddy!

Pro surfer, Benji Weatherley, and I launched our podcast, Let's Poddy, in March 2022.  Within the podcast's first season, we amassed over 64,000 downloads and were happy to welcome our sponsor, Ponto Footwear, on board for our second season.  Let's Poddy can be found on Youtube as well as all podcast hosts such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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Rick DeVoe

In this episode, Benji talks with long time friend, Blink 182 manager, and promoter Rick DeVoe. They discuss everything from Rick's start promoting the Momentum movies and creating the parties that put the movies on the map, to his rich history managing bands from Blink 182 to the Aquadolls, to much more. Rick's life is full of entertaining stories and this podcast is just able to scratch the surface.

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Coco Ho

In this Poddy, Benji chats with professional surfer Coco Ho. They discuss her family's long-standing surf legacy, how she fell in love with the sport, and what she's looking forward to in the next year. They finish the episode by discussing how the sport of surfing has changed for women in the last few generations.

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Perry Farrell

In this Poddy, Benji talks with musician and fellow surfer, Perry Farrell. They talk about Perry's beginnings as a jewelry designer and wrestler in New York, as well as how family ties with the mob and a promised surf trip brought Perry out to California. Later, Etty Farrell joins in and talks about her own musical career as well as what it's like to work alongside Perry in their musical endeavors.

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